About John Rochard

About John Rochard

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  1. John Byron Rochard, British Columbia native now a resident of (who knows where now????), AKA scam artist, scammer, scheister, schyster, thief, fraud artist, fraudster, con man, con artist, smooth operator, creep, gold
    digger, slimeball, crook,liar, J.R. the MAN...It just never ends folks!

    Companies started by him: Global Social Capital Partners Inc., ThruYou International Inc., ThruYou Social Commerce Canada Inc. Give and Go Prepaid, Inc.

    Investors invested with the understanding that they were investing in a holding company which owned 100 percent of ThruYou International, Inc. and that this company owned 100 percent of Give and Go Prepaid, Inc., companies one of which was Give and Go Prepaid, Inc. , a company which was funded directly and indirectly (through other subsidiaries).

    It was all a lie, a complete MISREPRESENTION!!!!!! John Rochard and Darryl Bowie took all the shares of Give and Go Prepaid, Inc. leaving investors with no ownership of the company.

    Scammed investors to the tunes of millions.