Wednesday, 8 May 2013

JBR Social Consultants

Founded by Canadian social entrepreneur John Byron Rochard. Since 2003 the primary focus and mission has been the integration of technology and applications that can innovate and create a new source of social commerce.

Considered an early advocate in the social impact movement. John and the group of companies he has founded over the past 11 years have strived to "think outside of the box" and bring to market business solutions that would support a shift in the way individuals can financially support their nonprofit cause of choice.

"Exploring a path to a new sustainable solution has not come without some very heavy lifting and setbacks."

While our vision with our stakeholders and partners is always been grand in nature, individuals, consumers and donors are still at the early stage of the curve around seeking and using new ways to support and advocate on behalf of their personal cause.

The outlook over the next 5 years may see a big shift in this trend with the Millennial Generation of philanthropist ready to embark on a new movement of embedding giving into their everyday living. Similar to the same type of velocity and consumer adoption individuals have had over the past 25 years with earning reward points and air miles through their daily purchase transactions.

At JBR Social Consultants we are committed to staying the course and being a small part of what we believe will be a BIG paradigm shift!

JBR Social Consultants

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    Investors invested with the understanding that they were investing in a holding company which owned 100 percent of ThruYou International, Inc. and that this company owned 100 percent of Give and Go Prepaid, Inc., companies one of which was Give and Go Prepaid, Inc. , a company which was funded directly and indirectly (through other subsidiaries).

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