Wednesday, 8 May 2013

JBR Social Consultants

Founded by Canadian social entrepreneur John Byron Rochard. Since 2003 the primary focus and mission has been the integration of technology and applications that can innovate and create a new source of social commerce.

Considered an early advocate in the social impact movement. John and the group of companies he has founded over the past 11 years have strived to "think outside of the box" and bring to market business solutions that would support a shift in the way individuals can financially support their nonprofit cause of choice.

"Exploring a path to a new sustainable solution has not come without some very heavy lifting and setbacks."

While our vision with our stakeholders and partners is always been grand in nature, individuals, consumers and donors are still at the early stage of the curve around seeking and using new ways to support and advocate on behalf of their personal cause.

The outlook over the next 5 years may see a big shift in this trend with the Millennial Generation of philanthropist ready to embark on a new movement of embedding giving into their everyday living. Similar to the same type of velocity and consumer adoption individuals have had over the past 25 years with earning reward points and air miles through their daily purchase transactions.

At JBR Social Consultants we are committed to staying the course and being a small part of what we believe will be a BIG paradigm shift!

JBR Social Consultants

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Monday, 19 March 2012

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John started his Social Entrepreneurial pursuit in Vancouver, Canada in 2005 - focused on the vision of embedding giving into everyday living. “The concept and business has evolved over the years, but the vision has continued to be our everyday pursuit. I’m very proud that we have assembled a team of dedicated individuals from Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto that have a wide range of experience, from reward programs, sports and international marketing and branding to nonprofit board members and fundraising professionals. What we all have in common is a collective passion and commitment to execute on our vision.” Consumer trends have shifted through social media and have changed our entire landscape.  

John Rochard Vancouver
John Rochard Vancouver

We now live in an environment where personal profiles, blogs, tweets, crowd sourcing and status updates let the entire world know who we are, and what we care about, in real time. With a few keystrokes, thousands of us can share our thoughts on the latest news, find the deals of the day, follow and support cause, and interact or research that cool new thing we just bought. Personal choice drives markets, and we live in a world where individual preferences on what we buy, where we eat, even causes we care about have never been more easily shared with our world. When we support others, we want to choose a cause that is personally aligned to us, we want to know that our support can direct 100% of our donations, and we want to know we're helping now!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Imagine the power of 1,000,000 individuals giving or receiving a give & Go Prepaid Visa Card

The give & Go Prepaid Visa Card is more than just a gift, it's the evolution of giving. The give & Go Prepaid Visa Card can empower millions of individuals to support their causes in their communities. It's a Visa Prepaid card that gives so much more. From our offices in Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and Toronto we are please to launch our program as a new way for you to show your support across. 

John Rochard Vancouer - Strategic Business Relationships

As a Social Entrepreneur over the past 7 years, John Rochard has been instrumental in raising over $5,000,000 of investment capital to fund the development and launch of a Social Enterprise, intersecting business principles that provide a measurable economic and social return. John has developed relationships with a number of National Charitable Organizations such as: Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, Rare Disease Foundation, Easter Seals Foundation, Bryan Adams Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Habitat for Humanity and Variety Children's Charity Foundation. He has forged corporate relationships with Bank of America, MBNA Canada, inComm Prepaid, Peoples Trust, Visa Canada, CPI Card Services and MasterCard Canada.